Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello Friends, Old and New and Yet to Come.


My name is Wayne Harris-Wyrick.  My name used to just be Wayne Wyrick and the story behind that name change might tell you a bit about me.

When I got married almost a decade ago we both combined our names. The reason was simple: historically the woman took the man's name because after marriage, she became his property.  We wanted to show the world that we were fully equal partners in this union in all ways.

Funny thing, all she had to do was sign the marriage certificate.  I had to go to court for a day and spend a large chunk of change to get my name changed.

In my day job, I am the Director and Staff Astronomer of the Kirkpatrick Planetarium, a major component of Science Museum Oklahoma (  In my night "job" I hunt ghosts with INsight Paranormal Investigations (  I put "job" in quotes because I don't get paid for that.  But I love doing it!

And I also write about all that stuff.  I recently had a children's picture book published Why Am I Me?.  You can see it at the publisher's site at  Go to Children Page 4.  I am very proud of that book and I hope you'll all pick one up.  It helps children understand their own importance in this world, why they are an important part of the universe.

Come back and visit me occasionally.  I may not post strictly regular update, but I promise that I will put them up often enough to make it worth your while to peek in once in a while.

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