Monday, August 1, 2011

Ghosts and Bad Drivers

My investigation team, INsight Paranormal ( investigated the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) two weeks ago.  We were in the liberal Arts building and captured some intriguing audio clips from some of the classrooms.  I one night, we couldn’t cover every classroom and we hope to go back to this building and investigate other buildings on the campus.

So my question to any of you who read this is: did you (or anyone you know) attend this university and do you (or the person you know who went here) know of any odd occurrences anywhere on the campus.  Odd as in paranormal.

Universities, and schools in general, are often good places to hunt for ghostly activity, if for no other reason because the time students spend in school is often quite stressful.  Not only do they have to worry about grades, it is also the time in everyone’s life where they grow from a child to an adult and going through puberty is perhaps the most hormonally, psychologically and emotionally stressful time in almost anyone’s life.  If, as many ghost hunters believe, such strong emotional and psychological stress creates the energy necessary to have a haunting, then this should be one of prime locations to haunt for ghosts.

So if you know of a place where weird things happen, or if weird stuff happens I your house, visit INsight’s web page or leave me a comment here.  We can arrange an investigation of the location.

Now a quick rant.  The manners of most drivers these days drive me crazy!  I can’t remember how many times this has happened to me: I have been driving along the highway and I want to change lanes for an upcoming.  So I flip on my turn signal and a car right behind me suddenly changes into the lane I want to go to cutting my own lane change off.  That doesn’t bug so much as they may want to get off at the same exit as me.  But then they pass me and get right back into the lane they left. 

Or they come to a yield sign and run right through it, entering the lane I am in so I have to slow down to avoid hitting them.  Then they get mad at me when I honk my horn, as if I was supposed to yield to them! 

These are just a few of the idiotic driving behaviors I have experienced in just the last few days that really tick me off.  Fortunately I don't believe in violence solving anything or I might just get a bad case of road rage.  I DO often imagine that I have missile launchers on my car and feel the satisfaction of removing them from the gene pool, in my mind.  Not that I'd ever do that for real...

Maybe one day I'll get to investigate a location where someone died due to road rage.  That'd be an odd sort of justice.

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