Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kimmy Finds Her Key

A TV program about homeless kids made Kimmy sad. Her mother suggested that she should look for the key to her happiness. She sets out with her friend Emily to find her key.
Along the way, Kimmy and Emily admire the tree in Kimmy’s front yard. They begin to appreciate all the things trees provide, including shade and oxygen for us to breathe. The see a baby bird fall out of the tree, and put it back just as the mother bird arrives with lunch.
The pair pick up some trash laying on the street, Later they plant flowers in an empty spot in an empty field on their block where they often play with their friends. With each task, they realize the importance of treating our planet and all its inhabitants with love.
They run into a schoolmate, Ashley, walking to the library. Realizing how far away it is, they ask why she doesn’t ride her bike. Ashley explains that since she lives with her mother in a homeless shelter, she has no bike to ride.
Kimmy decides to help by donating her old bike,the one that she prefers to ride, to the shelter to help homeless kids.
Kimmy realizes that her Key to Happiness is helping other Earth and all the creatures who call her home.

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